How to plan your trip - quick start guide

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Plan a trip
  1. Known start and destination
    If you know your start and destination, you can fill out on the first page and then press "Display". For example, your start is "Bangkok" and destination is "Chiang Mai".

    This will enter the main page.

    On the main page, the left side will display the route from "Bangkok" to "Chiang Mai". The right side will display tourist attractions on the way from "Bangkok" to "Chiang Mai", and trip itinerary (or trip plan).

    To explore more tourist attractions on the way to "Chiang Mai", scroll down on the part that display pictures of tourist attractions. The locations of attractions will be display on the map accordingly.

    You can add an attraction to your trip plan by clicking the plus sign(+) on the top right of the picture. For example, "National Museum King Narai" is added to the trip plan.

      Click "Display" to recalculate your route. The new route will be displayed.

    In this example, three more attractions are added ("Wat Chantaram", "Kamphaengphet Historical Park" and "Wiang Kosai National Park"). After clicking   The new route will be displayed.

    The details of the trip plan is displayed in the trip plan section. You can adjust date-time and add more places for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hotel as shown in the picture below.

    After adjust the trip plan in details. The final trip plan may look like the following.

    • You can print your trip plan by clicking on
    • If you want to share or save your trip plan, you need to log in. Otherwise, when the browser is closed your trip plan will be deleted.
    • You can share you trip plan by clicking on

  2. Plan a trip around a specific location
    For example, you want to plan a trip around "Chiang Mai". On the first page, click on "plan trip" to get on the main page. Then right click on the map around "Chiang Mai" to add the location to your trip plan and click

    Tourist attractions around "Chiang Mai" will be displayed. You can start add places into your trip plan as explained above.